In the Presence of an Enlightened Master

It is usual for those who see great beings while alive, to feel that they have  a special relationship to them. They do.

To be in the physical presence of an Enlightened Master, a lightbeing, a self-realized Swami, a Buddha, a Pir, Hazrat or sage, is to be immediately attuned to a higher level of consciousness, to continue to be  blessed in ways that unfold all our lives.

They can be a continual resource for those who come later.

it is usual for disciples of great beings to feel they have an exclusive relationship to them. They do not.

For beings are great because their influence emanates not only in the physical, but simultaneously in the higher dimensions. Through their writing, their speaking, their communicated ideas, their silent meditations, they connect with people who will never see them in the flesh.

However, they can be of great help to connect the Master to those who have never encountered his or her teachings. Like the Master did, so do they need to allow the new followers their own learning path.

It is usual for followers of great beings to feel a sense of loss at their passing. Yet the loss of  timed meetings helps unfold the influence of the timeless.

When we think of one another, we are connecting, yet while we are alive, we feel that this connection is not as strong as the one that’s face-to-face. Those of us who have made pen-pals in the past, and online friends today, know that there is often a closer, more authentic relationship with those who share mindspace with us, than with many with whom we share physical space. Extend that to the people we know face to face. Even when we are with one another physically, we can still connect mind-to-mind, soul-to-soul. Once we do, we are not totally connected to their fluctuating,  though alive physical presence, but to the undying soul which is within. When they pass, we can stay in touch, much as we do when someone leaves our physical presence. The tools change from telephone and email to meditation and envisioning.

This helps us to be open to those who will reach the Master only after s/he has passed.

It is usual for those who learned from a great being while alive to seek to preserve their teaching, as close as possible to the teaching, unchanged. it is also usual for those who learn from the Master with whom they connect through the soul, to feel they have a direct connection, and are receiving real-time information. This can cause a clash.

If we really follow a Master’s path, we see the evolution of their thinking or of their teaching. In his more than three decades of teaching after attaining Buddhahood, Siddharth taught the basics of Dhammapada for lay people and novitiate monks, but also the Lotus Sutra and Mahaparinirvana teachings to the monks closest to him, specially as he was passing. The Enlightened Master, much like a skilled teacher, teaches to the level of his students’ consciousness; so there is enough for people of different levels of consciousness. Like an eternal one, s/he can be with us at every level of our development.

Can an Enlightened being be bound by a narrow understanding of her or his teachings? Can s/he guide  followers to remain stuck at the moment of time when they passed? No. The messages will keep coming, and with compassion and care, and often a smile, the followers of an Enlightened Master continue on their journey,  at their own pace, once they have fully accepted the eternal nature of the one they were fortunate to meet in the flesh.

This is where the ones who met the Master while alive walk in mutual respect with those who met the Master after his passing. Enter the timelessness of the aura of any Enlightened Master.


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