Compassion in Anxiety

In Triorigin’s Six-ki theory, anxiety is related to the imbalanced energy of humidity and wind: collection, lack of flow, lack of communication, holding on to a thought that collects other similar thoughts. Invite Neutro energy, and anxiety reveals its origins. Our own action can then help anxiety to go, having delivered its message. All emotions are beautiful.

Today, I focus on the people around me, my beloveds. Is someone showing anxiety?  Is someone silently asking for help?  Is there some way I can be of service to them?

My mind moves into options and one is answered by the lifting of my heart, the heart smile.

compassion helping hands

In my heart arise the harmonizing energies of smile and I sense the reason for their anxiety. It may be a visit to a health check-up and I may be able to help by accompanying them.  Perhaps to hold their files, chat with them between appointments, help to channel healing when their heart races, or anticipated test results overwhelm them.

Perhaps I can help with a glass of water, calling a nurse or filling a form. There are times when someone around me is asking for a helping hand. Reaching out with simple acts of compassion can bring unexpected joys. Time spent with a friend, perhaps a distant relative or a neighbor. A new understanding can develop, a new connection.

What can I do today, to help lessen the anxiety of a beloved?  How will compassion flower today, blessing all with its fragrance?

Compassion Flowers ~ 21-day focus on compassion in action


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