21 Days of Compassion

There is a great need for compassion in the world. From the land where many compassionate ones have flowered , let us add to our daily meditation, prayer, yoga and healing the sense of Compassion flowering in the hearts of people. Of the ‘common man’.

compassion, buddha, christ, kuan yin

Compassion Flowers ~ 21-day focus on compassion in action

The dictionary cannot satisfactorily define compassion. The accounts of divine beings can help us to understand the fullness of compassion. Compassion encompasses and expands beyond pity and sympathy and kindness . Its essence is love.

 Compassion Quotes: One Light Many Windows online library

Compassion blesses all whom it touches. It helps us to feel the inter-connection of all life.

compassion flower

compassion flowers

Thanks to technology Global Compassion is flowering in the world; because the source of technology is not the brain; it is the heart of humanity.

Wave of compassion pulsates around the planet

Wave of compassion pulsates around the planet

A wave of compassion pulsates around the planet every hour. It is sent out by people like you and me, though it neither originates from us nor stops with us.Open your palms to receive it. Open your heart to radiate it. It washes away all that is not for the highest good of all concerned, and remains pristine, pure, compassionate.

let go dandelion seeds birds violet flame

Three-fold flame transmutes seeds in compassion

Today, my act of compassion is to let go, to forgive, to gently remove and heal chords that bind me in an inharmonious relationship. I know I am in the presence of compassionate beings. I visualize each painful thought and feeling getting free from the bondage of memory. I allow my body to release the toxins of painful feelings stored in its joints. I see the pain going into the light and feel the light of compassion transform them to be gifts to the world. I transform my pain into sharing, caring, loving towards those I meet. Meditate with Messages about Let Go~ Let Flow ~ Let Love

Prof. Park, Jae Woo

Prof. Park, Jae Woo

Within compassion, is smile. Perform  one act of compassion every day. It will help to bring about a Smile Civilization.

Have compassion for all beings, rich and poor alike; each has their suffering..Teach this triple truth to all: A generous heart, kind speech, and a life of service and compassion are the things which renew humanity. Buddha.

Join one or both of these events on facebook to receive messages, share and be in communion with compassionate ones. Share with your friends, family, and in your heart, specially those you feel are foes.

Share your experience of compassion today.
~Compassion Flowers ~ 21-day focus on compassion in action
Smile Meditation for Smile World: Everyday. Everyone.

compassion flowers

compassion flowers

3 thoughts on “21 Days of Compassion

  1. Carry my prayers out to the four winds, never to return.
    To the north, take this belief and fill humankind underdstanding
    To the east, take this strength and fortify the weak and lost
    To the south, take this essence of hope and anoint the lips of all
    To the west, take this love and give of it freely to all in need…

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