Smile in Sadness

Recently, I allowed  myself to experience sadness. Not for a minute or a few hours, but for a day. I decided not to suppress it, but instead, greeted it as a friend. What are you all about, sadness?
As I went about my day, I found sadness accompanying at a distance, now emerging from shadows, now subsiding.

Sadness is a beautiful emotion. Can you accept this? Are you there yet in your thought? If not, perhaps it is time to allow yourself to experience sadness. Don’t suppress sadness into depression by thinking it is negative or brush it away and sublimate by feeling that’s being being positive. Instead, think positively about sadness. With your soul smile, allow yourself to experience this emotion of sadness.


Sadness may be hiding in different parts of your body but it can still move you to action, because  it is attached to  memories and emotions. Is there a dull pain in your body? A resistance to see yourself in the mirror? An addiction you wish you didn’t have? An ailment that seems to have no discernible cause?  Anxiety that doesn’t quite go away? These are some symptoms of suppressed sadness.

When I stayed with my sadness, not minding it or trying to get positive, I realized so many things I was sad about. I was not happy about how I looked. I had gained weight. and I did not like it. Some of my family members were injuring me, and I was ignoring that.  Suddenly I realized that this was because I did not give importance to myself. I had never learned how to plan my meals, or organize my day just around  my needs. It’s strange – but the moment I realized that, I began to feel so happy, because finally I realized what I had to do next. I decided that I would look after myself, that I now have time to do that. And I was grateful that sadness had shown me what I needed to do next. ~ BH

three paths

Sadness and happiness. Two emotions that play around with one another. A healthy balance between them helps us to see them as messengers of what is happening in our life. Yet, it is natural to be happy about happiness and sad about sadness. it is this second level of feeling that takes away the experience of the emotion itself. Can we stay in the center? No. But we can keep coming back to the center. Experience. Express.

First, find your center. The still, serene space of smile. If you have not found it, follow the three-step process of gratitude- visualizing your dream and letting go.

When you have found your smile, start your  journey. Visit the places in your body where you hide sadness. The ways in which you behave because you are not facing the sadness. Feel sadness as you feel  happiness. Then come back to the center. Smile.

Sadness, Happiness, Serenity. Three sisters who walk together. No other living being in this smile world has the range of emotion that human beings have. No other living being can be moved to action and experience that emotions gift us. Acknowledging them all we can live a life of smile.

3sisters colorful

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