Breathe gratitude

When you wake in the morning, let out a long breath, to empty your lungs, prepared to take in special breaths of gratitude.

Take three breaths: deep breath in, pause, long breath out.

I breathe in light, the prana, chi, nurturing energy of the universe
In the pause between breaths, every cell of the body is nurtured,
I breathe out thanks,  gratitude for the gifts of life.

With each breath let gratitude well out from your being, forming a bio-field like a bubble of light that allows in only what for your highest good and radiates that sense of well-being to everyone you encounter.

 With every breath, you are exchanging prana with the world in which you live. Let us keep that breath as pure and beneficial as possible.

With every breath we sync with the people of the world who are also breathing gratitude.

breathe gratitude sync

The gratitude breath is integral to energy hygiene and helps to upgrade  consciousness in our journey to wholeness.


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