It’s a journey of smile

Where were you when you encountered the smile?
What happened next?
It’s not possible that you forget when the heart smiled. It is possible that you do not remember. But until you find it, you are not happy, you seek healing, you seek learning, you seek escape from the drama of life.
When you find smile, you stop seeking and start living. When you find smile, you stop struggling and begin to heal. A teacher can teach at a student, but not help a student to learn whose smile s/he cannot see, a healer can attempt to heal, but not help a person to unfold  whose smile s/he cannot sense.

We are on this journey together. Until we encounter the smile once again, in this awareness, we play, fight, engage with one another in this role and that. And one day, when you least expect it, you encounter the smile. From that day, the drama of this life becomes truly inspired.

You’ll never stop seeking the smile. Once you find it, you won’t stop smiling.


journey of smile

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