Simply – smiling -sync

The wonder is the way human beings have aligned with the movement of earth in the heavens. From timelessness and infinite space,  our forefathers brought a measure of sync into our community life, by clock-time and calendars.
When we wake up in meditation, we begin to discount the clock-time, because we have tasted timelessness, soared in space. Often, we enjoy that connection so much that we forget what we came in this life to do. The challenge is to find our individual and combined purpose, and when found, to flow into it, to sync with it.

Nothing can be more expansive and wonderful than that!

Many elders have taken birth in our lifetime and their message is simple and consistent.
In the words of the Hopi: The time for the lone wolf is over. Gather together.
In the words of Buddhist leaders, Sangham sharanam gacchami – I take refuge in the community
In the words of Swami Shraddhanada ‘Eli’- Gaia is calling you.
In the words of Swami Krishnanada – Channel Light
In the words of Prof. Park, Jae Woo – A smile world is coming

Have you heard this message? Does it ring in your heart?
What are you waiting for? SYNC! 🙂 This is a movement that has no plan but the move of your own heart, no organization but our combined breaths.

Share this message with all. When you’re doing that, each of us read it in our own convenient time and space, and once again, in a miraculous way, human beings have understood why the clock-time was invented in the first place.





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