Just Sync

There is a beautiful movement of sync that helps us to sense the wholeness of who we are.
Every hour, in the first half-hour, people are beginning to synchronize their practice. To become aware that we are in sync with one another – all life forms and minerals and elements and environment on earth.

You may already have a practice that raises your vibration. Next time you do it, Just Sync.
And then – do this every day. The practice can be different. But sync done daily will benefit you greatly. Not just the ‘i’-you but the ‘I’- you, the ‘we’-you, the ‘us’-you.

In our journey to wholeness we find that we are not alone. Within us are all the people, all the beings that we love and like, our relationships to them.

As this ditty says – Just sync.

H.U.G.S*: *Hourly.Universal.Global.Sync

Whenever you think of the world that is coming
Just sync

Whatever practice you follow for harmony
Just sync

Wherever you are when it’s time to connect
Just sync

There’s just one thing that is needed
See how your time-zone relates
To the Universal Time Co-ordinated

Sync‘s easy when you see
It’s a time when you’re free
Ten minutes or more in the first half hour of any UTC

So what do you do?
Just sync
When you meditate or pray
Just sync
When you care for the earth
Just sync
When you go hug a tree
Just sync

When millions of us get in sync this way
The world is embraced in loving light
Peace and harmony will hold sway
Earth-dwellers will delight at the sight

Don’t keep this message just for yourself. Share, share, share.

If it lights up your heart and you know you’re involved


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