Dying to live

How can you live if you have not died?

How can you live your today if you have not died to your yesterday?

How can you move if you are still tied to the past?

How can you celebrate this body if your mind is mired in the pains of decayed cells?


Can you enjoy this moment when your mind is still caught in the last?

Can the next step be taken when the first refuses to move?

Can the next thought enter if the previous ones are jostling for space?

Let go, let go, let life. Die so you can freely live. Live, so you can truly be free when you die.

Pericytes (green) on a capillary regulate capillary blood flow as well as the clear vessel of cellular debris. In the brain they help sustain the blood-brain barrier

In Triorigin Theory, the energy of staying in the past can be called the Homo or contracting force, that seeks to move only to take us back to the Neuto state of the zero world. The energy of moving on, changing, variegating is Hetero force. In the push and pull of the Hetero and Homo, it is the Neutro force that keeps us alive and in balance.


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