What DO I do?

What do you do? I”m often asked and there is a pause that could last a lifetime.
Thoughts flow in as answer:
How much time do you have?
See my websites.
or, I hand them my card. Sometimes it is enough.
But a verbal question usually demands a verbal answer, and attention spans are twitter-size, so the words form:
Reiki. I say. It is such a simple word. More familiar than the other modalities I practice. It usually satisfies, even those who haven’t heard of it. Reiki: So pregnant with meaning. Generous in its universality. Not a stuck-in-the-past this-is-the-only-way healing system that minds can try in futility to tie down into an unchanging system like a religion or dogma; but a flowing, evolving, consciousness-driven vibrant system of life, of unfolding, of becoming whole that Reiki shows me.

What a beautiful word it is: Reiki. Within it, I use whatever modality presents itself when I am with a receiver, systems that I am trained in and will learn all my life, systems that are in themselves a universe: Triorigin, Sujok, breath, meditation….

Purists shudder. They look to the roots. In the Triorigin theory, that is the beautiful Homo energy, unchanging except to bring the ever-changing, branching Hetero energy back to the roots. A healing system needs  balance,  Neutro harmony between the connection of Hetero and Homo. Between evolving and closeness to the roots, it needs to be universally acceptable, and even more important, universally accepting. In the center  is the trunk that will continue to expand while the tree is alive. This is what gives Reiki its universal character: that it is alive, vibrant, growing, expanding.
These thoughts could be shared for any healing system. Healing by definition implies change: by a journey to the roots,  a move to another level, an internal transformation. In any of these cases, the organism is not the same as before. We live not in a static, but an immensely dynamic system within a slower dynamism. Reiki healing system, given by Master Mikao Usui, and continuously changed even by his own direct students, in its simplicity is also expansive enough to encompass it all.So is Triorigin theory, the beautiful gift of Master Park, Jae Woo.
Who inspires you? you may ask.
The ones who are alive in this world, and those who have gone to the Neuto world. They are still communicative. Their systems are still evolving, flowing through us. That is why they are open to all. That is why there is no need to make them into static systems destined to be displaced by practitioners moving away to boredom or to other systems.
Today, I had started to write a post on balance, which I then put aside. Seems to me it just got written.
So – what do I do? I ground deeply to the source of teachings that inspire me, branch out in openness to the ideas presented to me, and attempt to keep expanding in the middle – a little faster in mind than in body!

Ready for a run, anyone? Or perhaps a flight? Let’s rise, for we are on a journey together, and the view is just aMAZEing. Many years ago I found a path that called itself universal. It has led me to places that are just beautiful

But what do I really do? A comment by a dear friend who calls himself ‘homo sapiens’, reminds me. The best part of universal healing, is a message I find underlying all the actions that I take. It is the spreading of a message that has come from wonderful beings.

Get in sync for Gaia Consciousness. Spread the message that the people of the world need to come together in simultaneous daily connection. Help people to celebrate their life on earth.

A  lot of the work that I do, is helping movements or individuals that are bringing tools and messages of global benefit.  This is how the universal movement towards a more enlightened world can come about.  I am DOing what I sense that we are BEcomING.

More on the website http://SyncGaiaHug.wordpress.com

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4 thoughts on “What DO I do?

  1. Dear,

    Below my comment to your post “What DO I do?” Please, proofread my dictionary language (and short sentences, cancel words) Given, Have I put my future comments direct after post in web? Could you also make proof readings?

    Comment to “What DO I do?”

    What do you do? For what a profit? For hum benefit? For your own good? For sombody else? May be you address your doing to LIFE as such. The next quest arise: When? Whensoever! No! It gives better solution: DO it SYNC! Together simutanneously with all others! For benefit of all LIFE. You are in.


    Tomasz Get in Sync – Every day, the first half of any UTC hour. http://syncgaiahug.wordpress.com



  2. Thank you for your perspective, homo sapiens. I understand very clearly what you have written; language does not need to be perfect to be understood. I agree with you and am with you in sync….. whatever we are doing in this world, we are in sync; we just need to become aware of this.


  3. I have a friend who also replies “Reiki”. I have no idea how to answer this question. What do we do? We BE. Yet how to put into words our beingness? Wonderful post, Meenakshi.


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