You find that you are opening to the spirituality that underlies religion. Open to the incredible gifts flooding into this new age.

You find the Buddhas of this age, the ones who bring wonderful forms of healing, meditation, prayer to our attention, refreshed from ancient times.

Sujok healing, Gaia Minute wordless prayer, Reiki universal healing,  Shinnyo-En Buddhist sect showing the teachings of the Mahaparinirvana sutra. There are many more. All of them are open to people of any gender, age, class, education, culture, religion, language. The teachings of today transcend all barriers. There is only one barrier they will not cross: the barrier created by your own free will, your exercised choice, your inertia. It is not because they cannot, but because they WILL not. These are the resources available to us to awaken – not to be jostled awake; to be self-empowered – not to become empowerersor enablers of others.

The Buddhas spear-heading these wonderful new teachings are not calling themselves leaders of gurus. Many of them are not even asking to be known. The driving force they seek to provide us, is the form of healing, the way of thinking, the way of being.

Let us respect these Buddhas, for what they are opening up to this world is indescribable,  but let us not create factions based on their offering.  There is no competition among them – they provide us with gifts which we can each imbibe according to our own consciousness. A long time ago, mankind did that- lose the teachings by closing the door or creating a gateway manned by strict rules. Religions were formed. Barriers created. Temples, churches and mosques became places of pettiness, discord, ritual. Today, the world does not need the barriers. We need to let out the teachings and transcendental knowledge contained in the ancient libraries of these religious places, and let them fly free to those who are open.

Stay open. Absorb. Receive. Connect. That is the blessing of this time. That is the new age. That is the love.

Love is spirituality. Togetherness is love. Together we are on a journey of love.

Open to togetherness as wonderful world spirals in.





Connect to the Healer Within

Sujok Smile Healing

Sync Gaia Hug

One Light Many Windows


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