Welcome 2014! 7 steps to flow into the New Year

The New Year 2014 is flowing in and this is the moonless night we call New Moon.  By all accounts, we are going deeper into a Golden Age.

Are you ready to receive the blessings of the loving dimensions that we are flowing into?

Take 7 steps to receive the blessings yo are receiving from everyone and everything on earth and in the Universe.  To receive,  use breath.  You have already let go of the old, and are ready to breathe in the loving light from Gaia.


A prayer to all ancestors who are within your DNA. Allow their blessings to flow into you, igniting the sleeping potential of your DNA. Take the actions you need to take to allow these blessings to get deeply rooted into your life. Make a daily meditation practice an essential ingredient in your journey to wholeness..


With compassion to self and others, form right relationship with people.  This can mean relationships with people who’re new to your life, or a new way of relating to people who are already in your life. Choose the way you want to relate, which always lifts your heart.


Enjoy the freedom of letting your will power flower,in a way that is not with control but with intention.


Surrender to the connection of loving relationship to everyone and everything on earth. Sync with others. The time for the lone wolf is over.


Feel joy as you sing, speak, express your highest truth. With your heart open, you are able to speak even truths that are stark, without hurting anyone. Express the thoughts that are seeking to be written, spoken, shared by you.


With the clarity of vision you begin to understand the ever-now layers of past, present and future. The dreams long held in captivity within you are now freely visualized and begin to strengthen your expression.


Seated in your higher self, you are able to walk in this world, with  the essence of Divine Self. You begin to see everyone around you as a pillar of light. The serene smile manifests itself.


These 7 steps of letting in the  energies that  allow you to flower in your newly-found freedom from helps you to live with smile of body, mind, life, soul.

You are  now filled to overflowing with higher vibrating energies.

Blessings of a new year, a new moon, a new vision.  Where are you flowing to now?


Chakra art by Leann Williams courtesy Fine Art America

2 thoughts on “Welcome 2014! 7 steps to flow into the New Year

  1. Our world is an illusion, a super perfect one. No person can see the inner vanish and emering in deepness of every atom. Atom? No atom! In all quarks, all strings the huge imensity of quantum foam in any moment everywhere alvays, ever. In everlasting cease and appear in change. Take adwantage of. This is your challange.


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