A meditation with Jesus

Today, on Nochebuena, the night of one of the most celebrated births in human history, take time when you are alone, to reflect on a presence who was equally at home on earth and in heaven, as human and Divine.


Connect with all. We are one.

Christ with His DisciplesWalk with him in the dust of our Mother Earth. Can you feel the soft, dry gristles of dust and pebbles against your feet?

The memories of all who have walked on earth are in that dust. The promise of all who are to come is in that dust. Allow yourself to flow into the timelessness of the ever-now.


Pray with him in the silent recesses of your heart.


Let your heart melt at the compassionate strength of the Sermon on the Mount.JesusAndChildren4[1]

Let your love of animals be shown in their tending.


Let yourself open to the loving light flowing through you


The light flows to all who are on earth, and open to healing.


Finally,  close your eyes.

Meditate in stillness and silence


Lightworkers say that Christ Consciousness is dawning on the planet.


Let the images, names and events dissolve into the loving light that the presence of Jesus brings into this world.

For a brief moment, you are in the zero space of nothing.Potent. Still.


From that potent nothing from where everything can appear, bring to this life the dream that you have been nurturing in your heart.


Live on earth. Be  yourself. You came as a gift. Now share that gift with all.

6663_461698117243056_71220579_n[1]For this world is love. There is nothing but love.


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