This is how the smile dawns

There is a reason the human being has seven major energy centers. Use them all, to live a human life. Stay centered.


There is a reason we can feel emotions of sadness and happiness, fear and love, hope and despair, agony and ecstasy. Experience them all. Keep a balance.

There is a reason there are periods in our life of expansion and contraction, chaos and order, superficiality and depth, gathering and shedding, growing and decaying, movement and stillness. Flow into them all, BE in them all. Harmony dawns in this way.

Smile chakras

There is a reason we can feel a difference between body and mind, between soul and self, between you and me. Revel in the difference, then know the oneness. In diversity, we unite. In the rainbow, we are light.

We are not here to be ‘only’ anything – don’t try to be only spiritual, only physical, only emotional, only social, only self – absorbed, only other – absorbed. It is not possible, and trying to live in this way will bring imbalance into your life. While you’re alive, LIVE.Kundalini+chakras[1]

This world, said Prof. Park, Jae Woo, is a smile world. Smile is the essence of Existence Spirit. In smile, is harmony [Neutro] of expansion [Hetero], contraction [Homo], soul [Neuto]. With smile, we are.

In this ocean of life, DIVE in
This is how the smile world dawns
This is how the Smile glows from Self

Sometimes Mind Intuits Loving Essence



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