December gifts and January launches

This December and January I am offering Sujok , Reiki and meditation sessions in Gurgaon and Delhi, India. If it’s not too cold, we can Smile Taiji in the park. I’m looking forward to doing this in the presence of my mother. She showed me how you can do Twist Gymnastics even when sitting in a chair. Thanks to Sujok understanding that the human body is completely mapped in the hands and feet, we know that even if we can move just the hands or feet, we can benefit the entire body. She did this instinctively, showing once again that our hands and feet are naturally corresponding to our body, and their communication system is natural, instinctive, known to the body, and hidden only from our knowledge.

Sujok healing  helps us to become familiar with what our hands and feet already know.

December began with a presentation at Five Sisters of Sujok healing in Miami. It is a joy to watch, a joy to present. We were too busy to take pictures! Started with Twist Gymnastics which is the beginning of Smile Taiji; and ended with Smile Meditation. What’s in the middle is unfolding… Each new person who encounters the wonders of the hands and feet and how they move us into our body, mind, life, soul, is a seed awakening.

More: Hands and feet move towards December

Here is a gift I promised: Gaia’s Christmas Gift to Children of Earth This is a beautiful way in which you can spend just 10 minutes a day to receive all the blessings and to give to all dear ones however near or distant they may be. Take a look!

Contact us if you’d like to organize classes, presentations workshops or sessions of Sujok therapy, Reiki Levels 1 or 2, and Triorigin understanding with Reiki in Delhi or Gurgaon in December and January.

2 thoughts on “December gifts and January launches

  1. Meenakshi, I have discovered the benefits of meditation and other holistic methodologies late in life, and I wish you the best. You are helping so many people, and I so appreciate your culture and what your people have gifted to those around the world. All the best to you and may you and your business thrive now and for years to come! XOXO Keep up the great work!


    • Thank you so much for your warm words, Caryn. Being born in India has shown me above all to belong to the whole world, to be open and accepting. That is why I love meditation and healing systems like Sujok and Reiki – they are Onnuri [a Korean word for worldwide].. universal.
      I am grateful for your blessing and would love you to share your experiences about meditation and healing


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