What if you are not a person…

…but a space?
What if you are a place that people come to for peace, for knowledge, for showing off, for sharing, for….

…but a portal?
What if you are a portal, a gateway to a new experience? A world that can present challenges to others or refreshment?

…but a being?
What if you are a being who is indescribable? One who expresses self as soul, body, mind, life?

…but an interaction of roles?
What is you are an interaction of the different roles you play in this life? A child, a parent, a sibling, a worker, an employer, a friend, an enemy, a well-wisher, a follower, a leader, a….

…but a series of questions that have no answer?
What if you let go of all the questions, just let them flow in and then flow out. Breathe in. Let the breath flow into your body, the layers, organs, systems, cells, DNA, atoms of your body…and flow out once again into the universe?

What if you are ….the universe itSELF?WisdomsDare[1]

2 thoughts on “What if you are not a person…

  1. I love the way you state this – WHAT IF? I heard Deepak Chopra on PBS tonight and he stated, Have the questions but allow the answers to come to you through asking the Universe. Yes, the Universe is within us and we live in the Universe. We are all ONE!

    In appreciation for your words,


    • Yes! The questions take you on a journey. Answers make us feel that we have arrived. But the path goes on and life is so joyful when lived.
      I appreciate your comment, Nancy… let’s keep enjoying those questions. They’re gateways within themselves


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