How bright the light that passes

How bright the light,

of a flame just before it is extinguished
Of the moon just before dawn
Of a memory of a person as he passes

How bright the light

of embers glowing deep in the heart
of stars in the firmament beyond sunlight
of memories passing from mind to mind

How bright the light

of words passing through many songs
of love beaming from many hearts
of beings in sync with one another

In memory of the life of Nelson Mandela that has now passed into the timeless, ageless, akashic records of our collective consciousness.
From a life he lived as a passage of body, mind and time,  he is now in his everlasting form.
From Neutro to Neuto is a direct connection. The life we lead in the world of friends, people, colleagues, relatives, strangers leads us directly to the Source world.


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