Every bREATHday on earth is your bEARTHday

What’s the point of looking back to where we came from?  There is a point: to know who we are, and the home that is always within us. To find our true self, the essence that is our inner strength and guiding force.

But we are not in this life to stay within; to keep yearning for home. We are here in this life, at this point of time, in this planet earth, to make each breath count.2_Freydoon%20Rassouli%20-%20Falling%20Grace[1]

Many of us, when we take bearth – birth on earth – come with forgetfulness,  blindness. As we begin to awaken to our true self, glimpses of the dimensions we call heaven or simply ‘home’  begin to arise, the world we live in this earth seems harsh, and there is a yearning to go back to the world we came from.

Yet the wise ones tell us how precious it is to have a human life. How many aeons it takes to produce just one human being.  How much we can accomplish and do for this world we live in. They ask us to be grateful for our miraculous human bodies and the world we are co-creating. We are here. It is time now, to look forward, to this world, this earth that we are making our home.   Accept that here, light is in colors even more varied than a rainbow, that timelessness has a form that is shaped by sunrise, sunset, by the movement of the earth on its axis reflected in humankind’s miraculous clocks and our own body’s circadian rhythms.

The miracle is not  where we came from, the miracle is what we are forming here. A world where timelessness is captured by clocks, silence by sounds, and light by colors.

Dive into the waters of this beautiful planet. Fly up in its canopied wilderness. Gaze at the skies and the space beyond. Climb down into the cavernous depths and up into the cloud-kissing mountains. Run in  fields of fragrant flowers and kiss the breezes as they caress your skin. Smile at everyone you see, and accept the love from their eyes.  Listen to the tones of the universe in the sounds of earth’s flora, fauna and human beings. Revel in what is created through Mother Nature and through the universe flowing through us.

Touch, taste, smell, listen, look. And sense.

Learn, think, understand, discuss, share. And know.

Find meaning and simplicity, planning and spontaneity. Enjoy!

Feel, emote, live. And let it go. With each breath in and each breath out, enjoy this life on earth, enjoy the being that you are, sense the world you came from and to which you go- not at death, but between breaths. You are here and there every moment. Every bREATHday on earth is your bEARTHday. Enjoy!

As we journey to wholeness, enjoy the sights along the way, the companions who stay with you and those who leave, set out on new paths.  There is so much to discover, so much to cherish and in doing so we will form the picture of who we really are. Here’s a hint: when we know who we are, we will have re-discovered the universe.

We are not in this world to yearn for the womb; we are here, to emerge.

Every day

Visualize your Dream – it is more real than you imagine

Be grateful for the wonders of this world

Let go of all that prevents you from fully living

Now breathe!

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