One great expansive dream

Have one great expansive dream. A dream so wonderful, so beautiful, so grand, that it makes you beam and beam and smile!

Let go the idea that it is wrong to dream, to daydream, to envision. Let go the fear that once you see that dream you will not be satisfied until you can achieve it. Don’t be scared to dream, to imagine, to visualize a world in which you would always be happy, always be smiling, always be contented, always be effective.

What we dream about, what we imagine, what we visualize, comes from a deep space of inner knowing. A place that transcends space and time and yet exists, and is very real.  This dream is a  remembering, not just a state of being. It is as real as your next breath. It is already within you, so it  is driving you in your everyday world.

Without your knowing, that one great expansive dream is propelling your action, informing your decisions. Not acknowledging this dream causes you discomfort, pain, neuroses, disease, a life lived without color, without smile.

You don’t need to live a life without passion. You can find your smile, your happiness, your life that you came to this world to live.

I can’t show you your dream, and mine doesn’t have to be yours. Yet, as we begin to dream together, and to bring the feeling from that dream out into this world, we will together co-create a world that is better for all.

Meditate in groups, get started with a guided meditation, then be free. The moon is waxing to fullness. An excellent time to visualize your dream.



How do we dream? Some resources to get you started.

Be grateful ~ Visualize your Dream ~ Let Go
Full Moon Meditations


15 thoughts on “One great expansive dream

  1. Reblogged this on Sync Gaia Hug and commented:
    Today, when you send your Hug to the world, dream a beautiful dream.
    “A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality.”
    ― John Lennon


  2. YES!!! Day dreaming is so important. Allowing yourself in your waking state to float to that place of vivid imagination is wonderful and creative and productive and personal for each of us. To allow yourself that time can really make such a giant difference in the ways that your days unfold. Like so many people I grew out of that for a time and have really put effort into reconnecting with that childlike part of myself. And its WONDERFUL!!!!


  3. Yes, visualization andn feeling wonderful while we daydream are big keys. Sometimes when you are in a relationship with a very grounded 3D person, I find it a bit difficult to get back into that soaring mindset when I am being asked to listen to “reason” or to face reality. What is reality?

    Let’s soar into that dream world, yes, yes, yes.
    Julieanne Case
    Always from the heart!

    Reconnecting you to your Original Blueprint, Your Essence, Your Joy| Healing you from the Inside Out |Reconnective Healing | The Reconnection| Reconnective Art |


    • I agree, Julieanne. Sometimes it’s important to have people around us who encourage us to dream. On the other hand, when in the company of those who confine their experience of reality to less even that what our senses sense, the dream becomes even more vibrant. We just need to take that time to do become aware of the dream.


  4. Very inspiring and I read it just as I’m about to go to sleep and so may I daydream off to sleep and wake up to fresh daydreams. Thank you, I shouldn’t need permission but I appreciate the encouragement. Hey I’m good at daydreaming!


  5. Dreaming is my way to remove the shackles of life, to go into my own space and create what I want – for me and not anyone else. It always feels great to be there in my dreamland, whether awake or asleep. Total freedom without guilt!


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