A riddle of this universe

Let’s begin with a breath in and out. Another one. Now let all the air go out, a little more,  a little more. Press your tummy in as you do to hide your belly. Now – let it out. Let it open. Allow the air to come in. Slowly. Gently. Inhale.

Flow like your breath into this journey. It is a kuan , but this one is different. You need to journey through it, to experience it. Not just solve it like a riddle.

There is a universe where stars are born every miniscule of a moment, as others are destroyed. There are many portals to enter this universe, and one leads into two narrow pathways.

Each path leads to giant caverns with their own unique atmosphere.

One path begins to move all who enter it, to a cavern that can be acidic,.  The other branches further into twin caverns, one slightly larger than the other.

The miniscule visitor can easily pass through the walls of the portals, pathways or cauldrons. The larger visitor gets the whole Grand Tour, and in doing so, is transformed forever.

It is a two-way process. Visitors transform this universe as they enter into its space, and in turn the universe is shaped and moulded by these visitors.

How do they enter it? Ah, the portals attract the visitors, and the outreach arms of the universe bring them in.

How is this universe held together? By a miracle. It is held in a cosmic body that is within a cosmic body that is within a cosmic body that is….you get what I am conveying. Fractals. Spirals.  Microcosm. Macrocosm. All kind of shapes and energies in this universe. Yet it is seen as One, in a giant cosmic body that can interact with other universes, all together in an even larger cosmos of unimaginable proportions.

By now, you know what I am referring to.

You are not only on a giant spaceship that has the right atmosphere to take you through space: you  are a giant spaceship that can can hold and host millions of bacteria, viruses, food particles, dust and air particles, microbes, plants, animals and unknown forms of life and non-life.

The miracle is not only out there. It is in here. Journey sometimes through this vast cosmos, as you would like a God to journey through His Universe, a King through his Kingdom, a Boss through his companies, a parent into their children’s lives – and ensure that everyone and everything is in working order. Then, marvel at this beautiful inter-connectedness, at its working whether or not you are aware, by unseen and unknown forces.

We are not a body. We have a body. But that body is not a thing. It is a living universe. And you are not within it. It is not within you.

That is the riddle of this universe. Can you solve it? That is the kuan. Can you travel it?

Breathe it in. Travel into it. There is no need to know, understand or solve this greatest of all kuans. The riddle of Self. Isn’t it adequate to just flow into it?

The miracle is right here


7 thoughts on “A riddle of this universe

  1. Yes, it is enough to just flow with it. I have a video you might really enjoy! This post may require a few readings!

    Julieanne Case
    Always from the heart!

    Reconnecting you to your Original Blueprint, Your Essence, Your Joy| Healing you from the Inside Out |Reconnective Healing | The Reconnection| Reconnective Art |



  2. I will admit to having had to read your post twice before I could feel ready for it. The first reading I think cleared some background noise in me but I am so so glad I read it a second time. The feeling of being something universal as well as living within as a part of a universe makes me feel magical. I can feel the energy and that brings me a light and peaceful feeling and yet I feel so energized I could run around like a child in the yard.


    • Kate, how delightfully you have expressed the essence of this message. Thank you so much for coming back [after a walk, maybe? Your blog isn’t linked to your comment] to read it and then share the process. ❤


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