Everyday, we lose something.

We breathe out, someone passes away, someone moves out of our life, we move on from what we easily perceive as past, into what we perceive as present but then get lost somewhere in between past, present, future and the ever-Now.

Loss is not something we like. It seems like a negative, a no-no.

How does this impact illness and health?

I was with a friend yesterday. The last vestiges of her illness are resistant to change. She is a naturally outgoing person, but losses of family members by death and divorce caused her to come close to losing her own life. As we Sujok-d, Taiji-d, and smile meditated together, the realization dawned, that these were training wheels that had left so that she could move forward. The cocoon that broke for the butterfly to emerge. The restraining ropes broken for an elephant to be free – well actually we thought more in terms of the queen losing her queendom to unfurl her angel wings.

There’s a loss when a child grows and the parents remember each age the child has been, and miss that. The child is there, the childhood is now in memory.

How strange though, that there is a loss that we don’t always realize: the loss of time spent with those closest to us – our family whose presence we take for granted, of relatives at a distance whom we may not speak to for years.

How strange, that we come closer when someone passes away.  A relative dies, and we remember everything about them. An uncle passed away, and I realized that I  am not only remembering him now, but have been thinking of him off and on always. The memories have not changed, but that sense that we can always email, always talk when needed – that is now lost. Closeness. Once they’ve passed, they are actually closer, because now they are just a thought-distance away.

Of course, some things are not as easily heard, and I wonder what we are all doing to ensure that they are not lost to our children and grandchildren. The passwords to our online blogs, for instance, the friends we have made in the virtual world. Suddenly one day, a light goes from this world to the next. How will everyone they knew, get to know of that loss? Will you sense when someone you felt lives far away from you, is now as close as a heartbeat? Do you know that we are ever in each other’s presence? As close as breath?

With this thought, the heart smiles. And all that has been lost, is found.

smile always

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