A hug for everyone


Here is a hug for you,  A giant hug,

HUG(e) HUG(s).

Gaia earth minute kes for m

This is an embrace of pure unconditional love. It is flowing into the planet from every living being. It is flowing into every living being  from the planet.

This is an embrace of pure support. It is given to everyone in this world from everyone and everything. This loving support is given to us by our Mother Earth, the air we breathe, the sun that provides energy, the moon that enables poetry, the breezes that touch us all. it is given by the phones and computers that allow us to stay in touch, the material things that make life interesting, the social and spiritual events that keep us communing.

Even the stones in this wonderful world give us energy as we walk on them, hold them or behold them. The crystals, mountains, lakes,rivers, oceans; the  rain, thunder, lightning, storms all show us the force of energy within and without us, as our emotions rise to meet their force.

There are memories in this world, in the deeply buried crystals, in the widening girth of trees, in the cells of our body making up the dust that is constantly wafting in the air of our world.

We are in constant touch with each other, through our hands, feet, body, memory, emotion, thought, imagination. Every breath we take, we are embracing  one another. We are absorbing one another. We are in love of one another as we walk, sway, dance, rejoice, suffer, reach out, withdraw, burrow, fly, or simply stay still in this wide world of wonder.


You are alive

You are aware

Today, a wonderful message is going out into the world. Synchronize your Hugs for Gaia.

Everyday, choose a time. First half hour. Give a hug to the whole world. And receive the blessings. Synchronize! Many global movements are beginning to synchronize. In this full moon when the world celebrates the Mahalakshmi Goddess of Prosperity, Wealth and Abundance; the Buddha Wisdom given to the Devas; and the feast of the Harvest moon, let us rejoice, be in gratitude, in love with our world.


I love you.

You love me

We love one another

We are


Breathe this in. Let the breath take it all over your body, into every cell. Breathe it out. To the whole world.

Share this Open Invitation of loving oneness. Let us all participate. Let us all partake.

~ In loving light

In Lakech Ala K’in

Meenakshi Suri

Gaia earth minute kes for m

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