Today what are you open to receiving?

Today in this world
friends, frenemies,enemies may surround us
lunches, hunches, crunches can fill our life
peace, war, stillness can expand our space
germs, ideas and fragrances waft in the air
our lips may curl up, down or not at all.

These are all gifts that we can receive
They may be as blessing, stressing or assessing

This is a world of ups, downs and sideways motions, of stillness and bursts, of happiness and sadness, of going forward, backward and in circles that spiral up and down.
This is a Neutro world, said Prof. Park, Jae Woo. It has elements of expansion, contraction, harmonizing forces.

What, dear friend, are you open to receive?
What is your energy giving out to the world?
What are you open to surrendering, to radiating, to receiving?

In loving light

Connect to the Healer Within ~ Now

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