Something beautiful is happening

Something beautiful is happening in your world today

it may be the sprouting of a seed that was planted many moons ago, in the fertile space of a grounded soul

It may be the birthing of an idea that was planted many rotations ago, in the expansive mind of a flowing being

It may be the bursting to light of a movement as slight and intimate as a breath

Something beautiful is happening in your life today.

Go within. Sense it.

Dive within. Know it.

Be within. Be it.

Many initiatives are getting together in love of Mother Earth. Stay tuned!

Connect to the Healer Within. Now


6 thoughts on “Something beautiful is happening

  1. Hello Meenakshi, Truly a beautiful post. Today, it is raining here in Northern Virginia. But, your words and pictures have brought a little sunshine my way. In Light & Love! Phyllis


    • …and yours to me, Phyllis. Is the rain very troublesome? I love the rain as much as I love gentle sunshine, though I do have to say that if it’s a cyclone as is hitting Eastern India right now, the rain would not be easy to take.


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