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Let go ~ Be Grateful ~ Visualize your dream – A Daily Exercise

Visualize the dream into which you will awake
See the world in which you really live
Know who you really are


~ L光ight Calls

This is how the word ‘imagine’ looks in Chinese 想得到 Beautiful, isn’t it?

People sometimes ask – how do I visualize? And – but isn’t that just imagination? Yes, visualization is like imagination. But it goes further. Imagine a world, then step into it. Sense it with your sixth sense but also your physical five senses. The more real it becomes, the easier it will be to bring it into this real world. It can take time, but when it happens, it takes but an instant. For you are always visualizing your dream. You just need to walk into it.

©2013 Meenakshi Suri. Please share freely keeping the entire post intact and unchanged, and link to https://journeywholeness.wordpress.com

Originally posted in Light Focus for Today

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