What spaces are you dreaming?

Visualize your Dream

What spaces are you co-creating in your dream today?
An enchanted garden, a castle in the sky?
A sheltered cave, an ancient forest?

Perhaps a world underwater, a memory of the mother’s womb?
Or the distant memory of a starry world more real than this?

Make it so real, you can touch it. Even with eyes open.
Look through the world wide web, draw, paint, visualize, describe it.

Let your heart show you in one instant, where it longs to be.
Then go there. Stay until your heart smiles.

Bring that smile back into your daily life.
That is the power of the dream awake.

This is how you connect to the inner healer

©2013 Meenakshi Suri. Please share freely without altering the text. Keep intact the copyright information and link to https://journeywholeness.wordpress.com

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