Visualize your Dream

Theme for this week :  Visualize your Dream

Open to yourself, spend time with the whispers of your heart, the love in your being, the yearnings of your soul.

In this world of dream, you are in a sacred space, in the wholeness of who you are, beyond the narrow confines of the society in which you live. This is the divine morality from where your courage comes, to help you  live in this world.

Touch, taste, smell, see, hear the sounds of this world. Let it be real. It is nestling within your breaths. Breathe it alive.

When you find the heart lift, the soul smile, the happiness refreshing the cells of your body, climb on to a moonbeam and come back with those gifts into this life.

©2013 Meenakshi Suri. Please share freely with link to


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4 thoughts on “Visualize your Dream

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