Forgive yourself

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We are continuing our focus on Letting Go.

One of the most valuable lessons I learned was to forgive self. I remember when I was first asked to do that, by Swami Shraddhananda, an amazing being whom I encountered through the world wide web of wonder, and with whom I conversed mainly about the Gaia Minute prayer project that he gave us as a mission.

One day I asked him if he had any advice for me. He said he had none. On my asking again, however, Swami Shraddhananda said succintly:
Forgive yourself.

My first thought was – why? For what? Why do I need to forgive myself? I was unaware of any major wrongdoing. And then I became aware that several times during the day I would blame myself for some mishap in the life of near and dear ones. If someone was hurt near me, I would feel I could have done something to prevent it. This is is not just me. Many people blame themselves for things they feel are wrong in their lives.

So – keep forgiving yourself. Keep letting it go.   You forgive yourself not to get rid of your responsibility if in fact there has been an intentional or unintentional wrongdoing, but to free up your energy to help things become better.

Forgive yourself so that you can keep letting in the good that you can bring to the world.

Let a long breath out. When you feel it’s all out, gently contract your tummy. Some more breath will go out. Visualize all toxic thoughts going out with it. Let them go into the light.

After this cleansing breath, light and love flow in as you breathe in with your nose, and every pore of your body.


Do this at least once a day, and any time when self-blame or guilt begin to weigh you down or to prevent  you from bringing beneficial gifts to the people and places around you.

In between the out-breath and in-breath, the pause gives you the potential to invite the highest energy beneficial to you.

In between the in-breath and out-breath, the pause fills you with the potential we call God.

Let go. Let good.
This way, you will keep your vibration at a harmonious level.

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