Listen to the crying child

Just for Now
For a moment or more, just connect to the pain in your body.
Pain is like a crying child. Don’t shush the crying without knowing the reason.
Before you silence the crying child, listen to why she is crying.
Then, seek a solution. Before you take a pain killer, sense why the pain has arisen. Then, seek relief. If it keeps rising, seek a cure.

When the pain subsides, you may become aware of gentler pains, discomforts. Connect to the discomforts of your body. Listen. What are they are conveying to you? The discomfort is as a whining child. Don’t stop the whining before you know what the child is saying.

You are the elder, the one with the ability to seek out solutions. You are the healer, the one who can bring harmony to your body. You are the healer who is within a body, a place of many children, crying, laughing, smiling. Take strength from the smiles and laughter and help the children to stop crying.

That child is calling you. No – not the crying child. The inner child who wants to play, run, enjoy this life with friends and family.  What are you waiting for? When that inner child starts smiling, you begin to grow.

This week we are beginning an initiative online and also in our physical spaces.

Please join in there.
If you are in Miami, Florida, USA  join our Tuesday evening healing circles. We are using the tools given to us through certification and self discovery to facilitate the connections. There will be pranayam, Twist Taiji, Smile Meditation, Reiki attunements, light healing circles, Sujok treatments. Each circle flows according to the consciousness of those attending. Contact for attending [fill in the form below]
Our associates in India and Switzerland are there for healing sessions of Sujok.
Contact for Miami Healing Circles

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