Feel Free to Receive

There is something the universe wants to give you today,  beloved child of the universe.

It may be a compliment. – will you allow it to reach through the layers of ego thought to the inner most center of your being? To do that, you need to let go of the ego-thoughts: “It is not real”, “I am not worthy”, “Why now?”, “Yes, I know I” . Let them go whence they came. They did not arise from your essence, they do not belong to you.

Allow the words of compliment to stroke the ego, to keep it calm, placid, and let them pierce through to your heart, your connection with your body and with the other.

Allow the words of compliment to reveal the heart of the other, and in this connection, both are blessed.  In this connection, the words themselves are absorbed. Having done their work, the words dissolve into the ether much as water evaporates into thin air. What they leave behind is the feeling of gratitude, of happiness, of joy.

There is something you want to give the universe, beloved child of the universe.

It is the gift of gratitude. Allow it to smile through your eyes, every pore of your body, and express itself through your words and deeds, even perhaps as a compliment to the other.

There are gifts we give each other. Be open to receive, and to give.

Then let it go so you are free once again to give and receive.

Thank you.

Let go ~ Be Grateful ~ Visualize your dream – A Daily Exercise


the gift

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