The higher vibration of a phone call

Keep focusing on the higher vibration of what you see, hear, touch, feel. That will bring expansion, healing, happiness, peace.

Let’s take an example of something like a phone call.
When you use your phone, you can focus on

  • the relationship between you and the person you are talking to,
  • the people  who have been involved in designing, manufacturing, marketing the phone,
  • the vibrations that are being given out by the sound waves of what you are saying, and what the phone is communicating to the providing company [smartphones for instance will be giving out your location]
  • the dreams, wishes, desires, hopes of all involved,
  • and so on.
Sao Paulo,  Brazil

Sao Paulo, Brazil

The point is this: how deep can you go? Keep going until you find your deepest desire.
How far can your senses take you? Keep going until you find your happiest sensations
How  high do your thoughts take you? Keep going until you can go no more without getting ungrounded.

Nothing in this world of wonder is mundane. Have you figured that out yet?

Everything you do, think, feel, say affects someone else; and is affected by others. Have you acknowledged the deeper understanding of that?

~ The advt. below, helping wordpress to keep blogging free, is also something you can see with higher vibration~

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