Wake up child!

If you are an adult, it is more than likely that someone is sleeping within you.

Yes, you read right. A child is sleeping WITHIN you. It is that face that you search for in the mirror – that fabled inner child, the one who was not quite allowed to enjoy a carefree childhood, and who still has unsatisfied dreams or unmet needs playing side by side with an irrepressible joy.

Do you know what is the most important unmet need of childhood? It is the one to learn. Yes, learn. Learn as much as possible of the world in which the child finds itself, to develop mastery in the world. Not by schooling, but by touch, taste, and the other senses, by the natural unfolding of brain, mind, consciousness. That natural way of learning that all too often is suppressed when we send the child to an educational institution.

Wake up, child!

You can still do the same – learn, grow, unfold. You’re lucky, there are no exams to give you anxiety or sleepless nights – you can learn just because you can!

What did you learn today? Perhaps the most important lesson to learn is that we did not stop growing, but we forget to enjoy learning in the scramble for getting grades.

I’ve been helping senior citizens learn to use the computers their families have lovingly provided them with, without giving the time it takes to learn them. When kids were given computers in villages, they just picked up the ways to use them.*Not our senior citizens who have been conditioned by the notion that they can spoil something if they try to explore. After some coaxing, when they learn how to search, to send an email, and have everyone patiently wait while they search the keyboard for the letter ‘l’, their eyes begin to twinkle. You know the inner child is waking up.

Ah, that child is truly irrepressible!

Note: * You’ve seen Sugata Mitra on TED Talks, right?

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2 thoughts on “Wake up child!

    • I saw the film called ‘Bhaag, MIlkha Bhaag’ today. It means, Run, Milkha, Run. It’s based on the life of an Olympic champ from India. In the last scene, he’s running and they show his child self running with him. It is a very moving scene.


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