Tips for a beginning meditator- accept

You are still. Sitting quietly in your room. Intending to meditate. What happens?

Sounds. You begin to hear more than you did before you sat to meditate.  Unexplained sounds of the house, the talking of family members, the chatter in your mind.

What happens then?

You begin to resist the sounds, try hard to concentrate, chide yourself for not meditating well.

Stop please.

What happened?

You sat silently, still. How often have you done that?

You began to hear more sounds than you could earlier. Pause at this thought. Hear MORE sounds. That’s what meditation is about, right? Making you more aware? It’s doing that. So, now that you know you’re on the right track, there’s just one strategy you need to follow. Don’t try to hear less, try to hear more. How will you do that?

Flow. You allow flow, and then you flow.

Allow all sounds that come in, also flow out.
Allow all sensations that come in, also flow out.
Allow all thoughts that come in, also flow out.

Don’t follow the sound, the sensation, the thought. Be still. Centered. Ready for the next one, but not anticipating, not asking for it. Just watching.

Now will come something tantalising. A vision.

Do the same. Allow it to come. Allow it to go.  That will take time. It’s tantalising, promising a lesson, showing something other-worldly, amazing, beautiful, unexpected.

Acknowledge it as a gift, that you are expanding, then let it go.

That is today’s tip for those who are beginning meditation. Accept everything, but keep nothing. Stay in the center of this moving river of abundance that is flowing all around you. Become aware. Just become aware.

~ Meenakshi Suri

Permission to share freely, keeping all copyright information intact. Thank you.

Meditation- learn, participate, connect. Make meditation a part of your daily life.

The Meditator by  Danielle aka Dani

The Meditator by
Danielle aka Dani

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