Lightworker gathering

There are gatherings of healers and lightworkers. One such is taking place at New Delhi on Saturday, August 17th.

Regular meetings of lightworkers in public places will help to raise the vibration of each place. Let us meet regularly, sharing gifts of our lightworker calling, our professional offering, self transformations, movements, wisdom, knowing.


Link to event: Lightworkers of India Meet New Delhi Chapter 



One thought on “Lightworker gathering

  1. Don’t ask me how, but in clicking at a link in a fast loading page, I somehow clicked Like on this blog. This is the notification I received from wordpress: “You liked your own post: “Lightworker gathering..You’re so vain. You probably think Lightworker gathering is about you. ‘!!! Love it. Brought a smile to my face. Doesn’t take much to do that!


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