Awakening through Unconditional Love

What can be felt…
but is more than a feeling?

What connects….
but is beyond attachment?

What is gentle as the lightest feather…
And yet more powerful than any weapon?

What is accessible to each of us…
Yet belongs to no one?

It is love
Unconditional Love
Love that unites, connects, heals, defines
Love that flows through every heart
Linking, ennobling, lightening, elevating.

Unconditional joy.


When we awake to unconditional love, we are awake to truth.

When we encounter unconditional love, we feel the oneness of all life.

How can we feel unconditional love? It can happen when you are driving a car, meditating or looking at a child. It is a feeling not to be forced, but to be cherished when it comes. It is difficult to hold on to while living in the material world. But each time kindness, gentleness, oneness, holistic behavior are shown, we are closer to the joy of unconditional love.

©2004 Meenakshi Suri. All rights reserved.

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