Balancing Relationships ~ a Visualization

Growing Into Reiki~Meditations

Reflections, Visualizations and Affirmations

Balancing Relationships ~ a Visualization

Calling on the healing masters for their presence, we go into this visualization.
As we heal into wholeness, let us reflect:As I interact with people daily, there is an exchange of energy.


Let us do an exercise. In this exercise, follow the steps to listen for an answer.
Know that there is no wrong or right, better or worse answer.
It is a knowing, a barometer of the work you are doing at present.

Seat yourself comfortably, and close your eyes.
Then take a cleansing breath to center yourself,
Call upon your guide for assistance and protection.
Feel your guide’s presence, loving and helpful, completely accepting of you as you are.
Closing your eyes, see yourself in your mind’s eye.
Ask: What do I do more: do I energize people who are in my life; or do I need their energy?
Accept the answer or answers that come.
There is nothing right or wrong, nothing better or worse, just a knowing.
Looking at yourself with love, start to twiddle your toes and fingers, become aware of your body, and then, smiling softly, slowly open your eyes.
Say to yourself, aloud if possible:I am working to balance the exchange of energies.
Feel the loving embrace of your guide.
Thank your guide and healing masters for their assistance.
And so it is.

Relationships-Moments-of-Intertwinement[1]©2011 Anders Tomlinson,

Relationships-Moments-of-Intertwinement[1]©2011 Anders Tomlinson,


Write in a journal the thoughts that come to you. Review any other thoughts you may have written earlier.

Live in loving light ~Reiki

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