When the blind come together

Chances are that you have heard the story of the blind men and the elephant.
Chances are that you are now about to read my take on it [The Elephant is Dancing ]

What’s pretty sure is that once you have wrapped your mind around this picture, something new will emerge. If not  yet, then in a Eureka! moment.

multidim awake

Elephant Image by Michael Babwahsingh (with permission 🙂


So- are you awake?
Then Circle the Elephant.

We have been told that we attract what we are, what we really want.  Then why is there still discontent?

Consider: What is really important here? Not want. But ‘we’. ‘I’. The wanter. The attractor.

Know who you are.  See with all your senses. Else, how do you know what you really want?

multidim secret
If you don’t know what you really want,  what you are attracting and why, isn’t it time you found out?

August 6th is new moon. The night of no-moon. Start preparing your prayer ties. And after you have left them to the elements, and your prayer has come to you, let it go.
Then flow into the beautiful space of everyone and everything on earth. In a Gaia Minute.
This is who you are.
This is what you are attracting.
This is the secret. Now it’s out in the open.

In one moment, all the dimensions come together. And there is light.

Peony 'Gleam of Light http://www.hpsrutland.btck.co.uk

Peony ‘Gleam of Light

In loving light

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