Take your self in your own hands – please:)

One of the challenges for a healing practice, is that people would like to use it as a crutch, use the person of the healer as the savior, the person who will make all their pains go away, the one to point at for pains that resist change or pains that go away.

This goes against holistic healing, which seeks to bring a person to an awareness that it is their own self that is the healer. Your own brain and soul decide what is to be done. Something within your chooses a healer, and now that same ‘something’ has to be listened to when the healer is asking you to do what needs to be done.  There will be many things that a trained healer can do, and there are many that they will ask you to do. Instead of keeping things ‘proprietary’, hidden, secret, to grow their own practices, many are seeking to involve you in your healing, to teach, train, and help you to expand your consciousness.

There are usually many voices within us, and the one we listen to, is the one easiest to hear. Sometimes it is the small voice that is the wisest, and we need to be still and silent to hear that.

Make Daily Meditation a Habit

The beginning steps are the hardest. The ones after taking the first step by going to a healer. That is the time when old entrenched patterns – which have caused illness to become comfortable within us – begin to fight back. That is the time when we hand over charge of healing to the healer, and once again want to settle in the arms of the mother who for a time at least, made all our discomfort go away. And if it does not happen, we move away, not to commit to healing, but to commit to being helped.

The cause of dis-ease in body, mind or life, is that we do not stay aware of,  and responsive to the different layers of energy that make us human. The cause of dis-ease becoming a chronic condition are the same, but worse, because now we know that we were not listening, and yet choose not to do so.

Once an illness becomes chronic, it becomes a magnet to attract layers and layers of issues. Finally, it is the last straw that leads a person to a healer. It is the tip of the iceberg. A knee problem, a twitch in the eye, back pain or something that is difficult to live with.

Each person is therefore different, even if the conditions presenting themselves are the same. The layers underlying the outward condition are different.

Holistic healers seek to be present when a person is ready to acknowledge his body’s problems and wants to do something about them. The healer will show the person the inter-connections between mind, body, life. Even soul. All this is done to the extent the receiver is open. The aim is to help the body and mind to begin to work in harmony, bringing harmony to their life. This can take a few sessions, or many. You are shown what you need to do to continue the gains of the treatment given by the healing practitioner.

Attune to Universal Energy ~ Reiki

It is a joy when the person no longer needs to come to the healer, because the body-mind balance is in self-correcting mode. It is a challenge because there can be many times when the person refuses the healing, when the disease is struggling to retain its hold, and its cries are more troublesome now than when it was safely residing in the person. The brain stops reporting a pain that has stayed in the body; but when it begins to leave, to change, we become more aware of pain.

Please, take your health in your hands.  If you feel lost, see a healer who you feel will not seek to bind you to them. Then, trust them until the point that you are interested in your own body’s health. That you take all the steps that are needed. If you can live with a chronic pain for many years, surely you can live with a continuing health plan for a few months?

Sujok Healing on Hands and Feet

Healers, seek to grow your practice, your skills, so that you know when a person can stop coming to you. What else they need to receive a well-rounded care that a chronic condition is signalling it needs. I am putting together a group of healers that will be on call for any of our clients or patients. Nutritionists, Sujok therapists, Reiki healers, other light healers, counselors, taiji and yoga instructors – who can all work together as needed on a case. Some are already in our list. Others will be added.

Healing Consultants

There was a time when humankind was in the dark ages, in kalyug, and we needed the christed beings, the buddhas, the prophets and messiahs to light our path.  We were children, and we needed parents. Today, we are growing up. We are waking to the knowledge that our healing is in our own hands and feet, that we can walk with healers for a while in our journey to get inspired, informed, be supported for a while by those who woke before us and come as healers and teachers, because we are all in a journey to wholeness. Together.

Let go ~ Be Grateful ~ Visualize your dream – A Daily Exercise

© 2013 Meenakshi Suri. Please feel free to share the content, keeping the entirety of the message and link to http://meenakshisuri.com. This helps all for the highest good of all concerned.

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