Smile, Reiki, Reflection – and other updates

Introducing the Room for Reflection. I haven’t figured out yet how to have the images stay for a while longer, so any suggestions are welcome.
smile always
Meanwhile, I was so tickled to see that my daughter had anticipated [or so I like to think!] the Smile coming into my life in the form of Sujok Smile Healing. She made this bookmark for me many moons ago!

Reshma Geeta Meenakshi  061813

Reshma Meenakshi Geeta

Yesterday we had two new Reiki healers receive their certificates. There’s a serenely smiling  Buddha hidden behind us. A lovely corner in the home of a wonderful friend who hosted the ceremony. We missed the third ‘new’ Reiki healer who is away. Other Reiki healers were there, and each person shared their experience. Sometimes, after attunement, there is a period when a Reiki healer wonders whether or not to ‘use’ Reiki. We discussed how Reiki isn’t something to ‘use’ or ‘do’ – it’s a healing flow to get into, and once the channel is open, it flows with intention.

Yet, when we do intend Reiki to flow to bodily or other pain, it is amazing!  One person had a toothache, so she gave Reiki to the correspondence of her teeth, in her thumb. That’s how our consciousness expands, to encompass all the knowledge that we have.

Thank you for reading….

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