March FOR …

To all those who are marching in causes… once you know what you are against,acknowledge it, then breathe that out. Let it go.

Also know what you are FOR. Show an alternative. Shower your attention and action on it.

Focus on what you are for and you will find many in the world who are with you. Give them strength. When we march against, we create a sense of victimization or opposition on both sides. When we march for, we create a sense of solidarity, hope, possibility, change in both sides.

When we meditate with, we are one. That is the reality. We are one.

What you focus on, expands. Then there will be marches of joy, and not marches of protest.

march for

6 thoughts on “March FOR …

  1. That is awesome Meenakshi and alligns with my feelings too, especially in the context of todays worldwide marches. Thank you for sharing .
    Much love and appreciation,




    • Thanks Lucienne. The thoughts were bubbling up within me and I needed to let them come in a non-confrontational, inclusive way. It is not always easy to find non-dual words, so I am grateful that you felt aligned to this.


  2. Thank you, Meenakshi, for putting words in, for what I was feeling so deeply. This means so much to me, in this moment – “Focus on what you are for and you will find many in the world who are with you”.

    Truly, we are one.

    Thank you, Kathy, for bringing me what I was so deeply in need of this day.


    • Thank YOU so much for your presence here, Deb. I feel blessed by seeing and hearing the amazing people in the world. Aggression shouts and peace is soft; so we need to be in a peaceful spot to feel that all-pervading peacefulness.


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