Don’t bring dirt into the house!

When you were small your mother told you – Don’t bring dirt into the house. Leave it outside. Homes usually have a mat to wipe our shoes or slippers so that we do not bring in the mud from outside. This way, we keep the home as safe from harm as possible.

Sometimes we are not so careful with people, but if you do not like someone, try to keep them away from your home. It is not easy, but try it. Or, learn to keep the harm from their intentions out of your home by energetic cleansing.

What about thoughts, though? What do you do with thoughts? If you go to someone’s home, you wipe your shoes, but what about your thoughts?

We often arrive with gifts at home or at a host’s place. It could be groceries, or flowers or a smile. Do you ensure that you have beneficial thoughts about the people within? Beneficial feelings about your own family or the hosts who invited you?

The doorways of a home are powerful places.  Your own self also has a doorway – it is your ideas, thoughts, feelings, senses, perceptions, understanding, connections. It is the aura around you.

Make sure that just like a welcome mat, the entrance to your own self also has a filter that keeps out what is harmful and lets in what is beneficial.

Make sure that the aura around you dissipates all harmful substances and energies so that they do not enter you or emanate from you.

enter friend mat

Meenakshi Suri

Healing Messages                 Energy Hygiene

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