Removing Chronic issues

Chronic problems of body, mind and life persist because of inertia. We remember what pained the day before. Time and again we refer to a pain we faced yesterday or the week before. Meanwhile, the cells renewed, refreshed and moved on.

Our memory imprints the pain on to the new cells. Awareness of this process can lead us out of this unending maze of pains and ailments, trials and tribulations.

If something recurs and you want to remove it – breathe it out with your breath. Take three cleansing breaths…and let it go.


The philosopher J Krishnamurti would passionately declare: Just LOOK at it. Really look at it. Don’t categorize it, don’t classify it, don’t try to understand it. Just LOOK at it, and as you do, it will disappear.

Prof Park, Jae Woo described the energies at work here, as Hetero [changing energy], Homo [unchanging energy] and Neutro [balancing energy].

Our senior teachers of Sujok therapy encourage us to look at a client/ patient anew each time we see them. Keep detailed notes, but watch for what is happening at THIS time.

To remove the Homo, unchanging energy, you need to get in Hetero – the changing energy, but balance is key to health. If you need help bringing Neutro – balancing energies in your life, try Sujok Smile Healing.   There is likely to be a Sujok therapist in your area; if not, become one!

Meenakshi Suri

Let go ~ Be Grateful ~ Visualize your dream – A Daily Exercise

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