From dependence to self-reliance

From dependence on other people or things, to self-reliance.
From listening to others, to listening to your own body and mind.
That healing curve helps you take a leap, on your journey to wholeness.

The methods and healers who are on earth today help us to take that leap. They do not seek to make us dependent on them, but just lend a helping hand until we are ready to be self-reliant, to take our healing in our own hands. And then we can reach out and help another take that same leap.

You know what? If you feel an imbalance, you have to take that first step. The healer will show you what they can do, but will not take your freedom of choice from you. You determine the timing and mode of your healing. That is the first step in your journey. In compassion and with courage, many healers are now making themselves known to you. As you make yourself known to them, the balance begins to get restored.

Together, we journey to wholeness.

Meenakshi Suri

journeywholeness hibiscus ms

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