Who do you choose to follow?

Many teachers we encounter, in this journey of life

Some teachers inspire us because they live as we would like to live
Some inform us through the messages we receive from  their work or life
Others try to bind us by showing us our weakness
Others show us a path we realize we will never like
Still others help us to transform because they can see our light

Many teachings we encounter, in our journey to wholeness
What we choose, that is the point. What do we choose?

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6 thoughts on “Who do you choose to follow?

  1. I think follow is a bit too strong to describe what I do. I have exposed myself to many teachings and some resonate strongly with me while others really don’t. Still I can’t say that I truly follow any teacher completely. I take what works for me and discard the rest. I am open to them and what they have to share, but in the end I follow my inner guidance.


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