Fixing that broken house

I’ve spoken to three friends  recently who were fixing the houses they live in. It was stressing them out but they felt unable to do anything else until the plumber or carpenter or another fixer came by.

I’ve spoken to three friends recently. The bodies housing their soul and persona are injured, but they feel unable to do anything about it…

It makes me realize once again how strongly the things we own, own our time and attention. How often we neglect the closest home we have, the one that will be with us all of our life, until it is impossible to ignore – the physical body.

Thoughts can spiral out in all directions. In one direction, mine go to understanding the longevity of the so-called non-living things, which can account for their hold on us. houses older than the occupants, jewelry passed on through generations, books lasting for decades….No wonder in the Gaia Minute, we give gratitude to Mother Earth and all beings and things in, on and around her.

In another direction, I think of the effect of his work on the carpenter who may neglect his own home while fixing another, just as a doctor neglects his own body while tending others or…. But pause awhile. Life is about connection and healing, about consciousness. If I feel separate from another, my work will drain me. If I feel the inter-connection of all things and all life, my efforts will empower.

As Prof Park said, upgrade your consciousness. Somewhere in there, while the drains are being fixed, my friends may allow the comfort of fixing an old house to permeate the stress that is causing their ailments.

Let’s see!

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