Those baby steps

When I first began to cook, shortly after getting married, my mother-in-law would sometimes become impatient  with my slow pace and take over the cooking. She wanted to help me but it made me feel inadequate. Of course, it helped me to try to do things faster. Sometimes it caused me to let her do the work as she was so much better than me.

This is Homo energy; not being able to go forward, because both people are resisting change, and the inconsistencies it   brings with it.

Over time, of course, and distance, I learned to cook to her satisfaction. Or so I imagine!

There’s a lesson in that for anyone who practices or teaches a healing technique. When we see another faltering, the human tendency is to aid, to offer a helping hand, advice, money or things. Sometimes, this can help, but at other times, it can prevent the person from learning to walk on their own feet.  It is so much more satisfying to walk than to be carried! Just your presence, your distant healing, or prayers, your compassionate gaze or company, or even sharing your challenges and triumphs can be enough. If you have a healing practice, your commitment and informing people of what you can offer them, is enough.

By the way, it was my mother-in-law who gently cajoled me into learning Sujok. “If someone wants to teach you, Meenakshi, and everything else is so convenient, then you should learn,” she said. I am grateful that I listened to her. I thank her every day.

~ Meenakshi Suri

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