Are you [still] hiding your light?

Yesterday I was presenting certificates to people who had  attended an introductory  course in Sujok. Some were shy to accept, others did not receive because they had not filled out the form, but many were happy- actually they all were, in different ways!

“Get your certificate framed.” I told them. “Display it to your friends and relatives and other visitors to your home”.  There was some reluctance: Am I being too forward? Do I really know enough? What will people think?

Your certificate is like a doorway for people, showing them a new possibility.

In our course, conducted  free last weekend as an offering for Prof. Park’s birth anniversary,  were senior citizens and young ones, healers and housewives, men and women from different life experiences – but they all have one thing in common. They have stepped into an ocean where their consciousness has been raised. They know clearly now that healing of body is in their hands, and if they are open to learning more, they will know about the healing of body, mind, soul and life.

Some of the elders wished their children, themselves adult, had attended the course to see how helpful it is for themselves and their own children. Others wished their neighbors had been informed. There is an interest in a learning that is being given to all who wish to know how to use pressure points in hands and feet, arms and legs, to heal various ailments and live a vibrant life.

There is that seed of knowing hiding in our hands until someone wakes us up to it.

There is that light of knowledge hiding in our shelves until we put a certificate up on our wall – not to proclaim that we are all-knowing, but to graciously share with others that we have participated in something wonderful and are open to helping or guiding them to that experience.

There are many healers  of Reiki and other modalities who hide their light under a bushel. It is time to listen to divine words as recorded in one of the world’s ancient books:

“You are the light of the world. A city set on a hill cannot be hidden. Nor do people light a lamp and put it under a basket, but on a stand, and it gives light to all in the house. In the same way, let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven.”~Mathew 5:6

A newly attuned Reiki channel revealed to her friends that she had just learned Reiki. She  was amazed to find how many of her close friends are also Reiki channels.  Some informed her that they had been channeling Reiki to her whenever she asked for help. Now that they have revealed themselves to each other, they will now meet regularly in Reiki circles. How powerful and beautiful this is!

Many are still hiding that light. That is what is waiting to be uncovered and then shone, so that it is no longer in hiding.

In this month’s new moon/moonless night, one healer realized she was going into the shadows to  find what has been suppressed in her subconscious. Expecting to find monstrous sources of her fears and apprehensions, she was amazed to see her angelic guides and higher self. An earthly guide can help you to find what all this means. But then we have to know how to find that guide! What if they are hiding under – forgive the brusqueness – false modesty? Or because they need to make a living and are not ready to commit to taking money for healing services? I have been guilty of both – but no longer.Meenakshi Suri VC 15-6

When I was making my visiting card last year, ready to commit with both feet to teaching and practicing healing , I asked many of my earth guides – friends, relatives, teachers- for advice. I was surprised at how much information they thought the card should hold. One day, I would like my name or presence alone to show everything I can do. That is possibly what each of us tries to do – hope that everyone can see our light; the things we do without telling that we do them – but until we are all fully awake, we do need those certificates on the wall, those newsletters announcing that we are ready to teach or heal or meet in meditation, those visiting cards that reveal how we are willing to serve in our earth walk.spring water

We need to shine the light to what we have found – the well from which light springs,so that those who are searching can receive its benefits.

The beauty of today’s world, is that a lot that is in the shadows is actually light. Let us journey together to uncover that light within us all.

~ Meenakshi Suri

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