New Moon reflection: Enabling or Ennobling?

When we interact with each other, our actions can enable our lower vibrations or ennoble us by raising to higher vibrations.

In this time of the new moon, go within and cast light on the relationships that enable or ennoble – the ones where you raise the other and the ones where you lower the vibration of the other or cause them to stay in the lower vibrations.

Enabling the other to stay where they are, can seem kind, gentle, loving, caring – so this needs deep reflection, in a neutro state.

Ennobling the other may be painful, and seem harsh, uncaring, unloving – and this too needs deep reflection, compassion and faith in the smile world.

Once you know, you can decide – do you want to continue to enable or ennoble? Do you want your weaknesses to be enabled or be ennobled into your strengths?


It is your choice. Or – is it?

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