Beyond those waves

When two meet, there are waves as our auras interact and engage with each other.

The hetero and homo energies seek to find a neutro state of balance. In our higher vibrations, it is a healing balance. In our lower vibrations, chaos. Consider a friendly meeting where germs are passed to each other, or a lesson in which hooks are placed on the other.

The beauty is to see the smiles through it all, specially when we collide with each other in anger, annoyance or argument. Specially when a person takes the right action even though she is arguing against it. At this time, she is probably clearing out her own inner frustrations and it is wise not to get in the way!

Seeking venues for free Sujok classes, I saw this happen. A community rep speaking non-stop all the reasons why this cannot be arranged and yet helping us to do just that. Sometimes, it is better to listen to the inner silence manifesting in action, than the words manifesting the toxins being released.

Sometimes? Always. Specially in a healer. When we see symptoms of an illness or disease, we know the disease exists. Beyond that, is the smile state or balance that has caused these symptoms to bring the disease to our attention. All holistic treatments focus on the underlying problem – the one between the symptoms and the inner balance, and then use treatments to reach that inner healer.

That is the beauty of the universal healing energies pervading our world today: Reiki, Triorigin healing, Sujok, Angel healings, and all holistic healing. By the way, even practitioners sometimes forget that there is no competition among these modalities: each has its own sphere of being, much like the planets in our solar system.  They co-exist, and as we attune to more modalities and dive deeper into any one, we are able to sense how to use them. Just like all paths lead to the same place,so do all healing techniques reach that same inner healer.

That’s how we smile as we unfold to self!

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