Uniquely one

We are one

Each of us is unique

So – what is oneness?

Our hands show us, says Sujok and Triorigin healing:

Each finger is unique, with its own energy, a gateway to a different organ and meridian and system in the body.

Yet all our fingers and thumb work together in healing the whole body.

The physical body shows us:

The left eye and right eye, each unique, but they work together to give us a larger vision of our world. They also work together with our ears, our other senses. Each is complete in itself, unique and yet all together are one body. ‘My’ body. Extend this thought to all the cells and organs of the body.

Each of us is uniquely one.

Healing is about connecting the different aspects of yourself so that they work harmoniously together,and in doing so, to know that we are all one. That is why what we say and do and feel and think affect each other.

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